Theater Seating Upgrades

At Continental SeatingĀ®, we strive to offer our clients CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES. While many of our competitors subcontract to other furniture manufacturers in the US, Canada, South America, and Europe to produce their theater seating, we own our own manufacturing facility located just outside of Dallas, Texas. This allows us to walk out to the factory and get answers in minutes not days or weeks. As owners, this also permits us to sit in every seat before it leaves the factory thus ensuring that we would not put anything in your home that we were not put in our own home.

Coupled with our philosophy of CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES, we also strive to incorporate the technologies that will enhance your home theater experience into our seating. We are able to integrate technology such as actuators, tactile sound transducers, and touch panel controls devices.

Motion and Mechanisms A variety of motion is available in our seating. All seating comes with a standard gravity pushback recliner. As an upgrade you have the flexibility of Power or Manual Wallsaver recliner. Power Wallsaver Specs per mechanism: 110 plug, 5 amps with a 10 foot extension cord.

Continental Seating offers 3 different kinds of mechanisms. Standard 2 stop Pushback, Manual 2 stop, Wallsaver and Power Wallsaver.

PowerWallSaverMech_1 StandardMech_1

The HTS Swivel base enables gamers to turn their home theater seating 360 degrees while in the partial or full recline position. The swivel base can only be integrated with a Manual Wallsaver mechanism to maintain its center of gravity. In the full recline position you will need 8 feet of diameter spacing.


Heat and Massage Heat and Massage units are integrated, as an option, driven with a hand held unit giving you the flexibility of 3 different massages in 3 regions of spinal comfort. High, medium and lower heat allows you control the level of warmth desired.


Cup-holder Cup-holders are approximately 3.5″ in diameter. All loungers come standard with black plastic cup-holders. Metal upgrade cup-holders come in Black and Silver anodized.


Cooling Cup-holder


Cooling Cup-holder with power Recline and Inline Junction


Control Panel Arm Wired or wireless Touch Screen Control Panel Arms are custom built to the manufacturer specific degree. Authorized Continental Seating dealers have the ability to retrofit their desired touch screen control panels in the field with custom requests.

MX3000arm_web ControlPanelArm2_1 ControlPanelArm2_2 CSAMXdockingstation

Custom Cup holder Wireless Control Panel Units Custom Wireless Control Panel unit are created to spec. Available in black. Please call other custom finishes.


Hidden Cup holder Arm As an upgrade, clients who want a little discretion from the traditional theater arm can utilize the subtle “Hidden Cup holder Arm” which can be integrated into any style.


Storage Compartments

  • Pull-Up Storage Compartments are available on straight and wedge arms.
  • Rear Wedge Storage Compartments are available in wedge and double arms for larger storage needs.
  • Slide-Out Storage Compartments are available in double arms and have the option of cupholder integration.

storage storage2

Round Power Recline Switch w/ USB Charger


Lighted Round Power Recline Switch


Power Strip w/ USB Charger & GFI Plug


Tacks or Nail heads For traditional seating a number tacks, or nail heads, can be applied to your seating. Please specify the appropriate tack number and description.


Embroidery Continental Seating can apply your logo, or name, to your home theater seating. A digitizing fee will be calculated based on the size of the artwork and an embroidery fee will be based of thread count of your artwork.


Piping or Contrast Welt To accent your seating, we can apply piping/welting to most arms, seats and seat backs.


Two-Tone Leather Patterns Although some styles naturally lend themselves to two-tone and three-tone leather patterns, if you can imagine it, we can put it together.

Style Mix and Match Due to our flexibility in the production, we can mix and match styles. A good example of this is a project that we completed for Orion Home Systems in Eagan, Minnesota. The chair has a Gable seat back, Gable arms, and Sevilla seat. OrionMixMatch_1

Size Requirements Since necessity is the mother of all innovations, we have the ability to modify sizes on chairs, arms and wedges if needed. One popular necessity has been taking a 24″ seat style (i.e. Gable, Harlowe, and Tsunami) and reduces these chairs to a 21″ seat.

Creation of New Style More in line with our private label programs and not necessarily recommended to the average consumer because of the expense of R&D, we can create an all-new style if desired and required.